Understanding Birth Control Pills

November 03, 2015 by Emma Clifton

Birth control is an important aspect in sexuality for every couple. Nobody wants an unwanted pregnancy especially if couples are not prepared to become parents. Parenthood entails more responsibilities and even bigger finances. So, to temporarily put these things on hold, birth control is widely practiced.

One of the best ways to avoid getting pregnant is though birth control pill. It is proven safe with a very high effectivity rate. It doesn't involve surgeries nor injections to avoid getting pregnant for the time being. But with the many available pills in the market, you may end up choosing a product that doesn't suit you. You will experience more problems than its benefits. If you experience these warning signs then you must consult your OB-GYNE to change your birth control pills.

You experience more bleeding than you used to

Bleeding may occur when new to this birth control method. But if bleeding persists, you should call your doctor.

Mood swings worsen

Being on pills change the hormonal level in your body. Your mood is determined though the hormonal changes causing you to become more emotional, irritable and other mood swings. The different kinds of birth control pills have different progestin levels. One pill may have higher doses over the other. Higher levels can lead to vulnerability to mood changes.

You will feel more than bloated

As a birth control side effect, you will feel bloated. This is because of the changing estrogen level and helps retain water in your body. Suggested pills that have diuretic-like effect is Yasmin or Yaz.

Acne breakouts

Others call being on pill makes you look like you are returning to adolescence. You will have acne breakouts, oily skin.

No sex drive

Expert's say that being on pills also mean losing your sex libido. As soon as you start the pill, the ovaries will stop "working" or producing sex hormones because ovulation is stopped or suppressed.

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