Pregnant moms have the most important job EVER

December 29, 2015 by Emma Clifton

SXC-KajrdjBeing the incubation unit for a growing baby is no small feat. In addition to the obvious physical body changes that your friends notice when they see you every once in a while, there are mental, emotional and even spiritual changes that happen with women once pregnant.

Yes, there's the new wardrobe that needs to happen and thankfully maternity clothes become more flattering with each season as your closet selection dwindles..

More importantly, if you're an expectant mother, it doesn't take long to realize that your self-care is about the entire family. Morning sickness, mood changes, exhaustion, caring for the rest of the family, work and/or household demands and sometimes bed rest can be a bit much to juggle.

Mother Nature set up the world for survival of all species. That means her priority is the unborn child's wellbeing above all else. In this case, the baby trumps the host (the mother that is playing the role of the incubator). In more primitive terms, the baby acts much like a parasite and will be the first to take nourishment for its survival.

Logic alone will indicate that whatever is "left over" after baby gets what needs, is left for mom. That also means that whatever the expectant mother puts into or omits from her system effects the darling little parasite that will soon be out of diapers and on a tricycle in the driveway.

There are plenty of information everywhere for the expectant mother, including "well meaning" friends, family and strangers in the checkout line at the grocery store who have words of wisdom for mom.

Self-care is self care. No differently than the gentle care of your infant when it is ready to be held, rocked and gazed at by all who love him or her, you need to take care of yourself. Common sense prevails with this list of reminders:

Eat well - organic when possible - and take necessary vitamins
Avoid toxins - alcohol, smoking, sugar substitutes, drugs, complainers, stress
Get plenty of rest
Get regular chiropractic treatments
Do the above self-care points in general and especially if you are thinking of becoming pregnant so your body is better prepared for giving your newborn the best chance for a healthy start
Monitor weight gain - you are eating for two (three, if expecting twins), not a litter
Exercise for the duration of your pregnancy if possible - for your body's health and blood flow for baby
Continually educate yourself on your changing body, moods, baby's needs, etc.
Shop for maternity clothes that make you feel pretty even with swollen feet
Do things you love to stay positive as you body reacts however it does when pregnant
Don't discontinue doing things you love unless they are not beneficial to growing your little one
Stay connected - being pregnant is part of your life, not your entire life. Your significant other, children, friends, co-workers want more of you than hearing all about the nursery you are preparing
:and prepare the nursery or where baby's "place" will be as part of your nesting need
Pre-plan birthing arrangements with whatever classes and professionals are to play a part in that experience
Set up after-birth appointments with your chiropractor and other professionals for you and baby to optimize your post-partum health
Set up after-care arrangements with significant other, daycare if necessary, mothers, grandmothers, best friends and other doting admirers for your and baby's well-being
Trust your instincts

It "takes a village" to bring a child into the world and raise it to a healthy, happy contributing member on this planet. Give your baby the very best shot at life possible - by taking care of you.