Is Calorie Tracking Effective?

October 16, 2016 by Emma Clifton

Ready to go for calorie tracking? Yes, it is effective and now you can forget about complicated and manual calculations, we teach you how to count calories simply and easily.

Counting calories is one way to ensure the success of our diet regardless of our goal; increase muscle mass, lose weight, set or maintain our current weight. Counting calories does not have to become tedious and complicated to perform, when there are methods that provide us with this work without wasting our time. Here we show you how to count calories through an easy and practical method.

To count counting calories using a simple method, you will need 2 basic tools; food scales, also known as gram scale tilts and internet access or a Smartphone.

Food scale

The food scale will serve to weigh food that will later be consumed, i.e.; rice, chicken, meat, pasta. By putting food on the scale we determine the amount in grams of food to consume this data will be vital to keep track of our calories. In the market, scales of this type have an approximate value of $ 15 dollars.

Tech Apps: MyfitnessPal

There are many applications that help us to systematically record the calories in this case we will recommend and will choose the best one: MyFitnessPal. This application has desktop version and mobile versions for Android and iPhone.

This will easily allow us to start recording calories.

To summarize:

1. You will weigh all foods and note the number of grams of each food. For example; suppose we have already prepared our post workout meal which cost of chicken breast, rice, avocado. When weighing these foods on the scale we show the following information: Chicken breast: 125g, Rice: 200g, Avocado: 50g, etc.

2. Continuing with the above example and taken note of the grams of each meal, we head to and proceed to login. So, once registered the application guide us to set the number of calories etc. If you know the number of calories you should eat, you can set it manually. Enjoy!

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