4 Simple Yoga Steps to Help you Achieve a Better Sex Life

June 20, 2016 by Emma Clifton

A healthy sex life is important for every couple because it strengthens their bond and intimacy with one another. It is considered as one of the best mind-body experience, look http://ifreebudget.com/pure-sleep-reviews.html. If you are having a great sex, why not make it an even greater experience?

Yoga is one of the best exercises not just to lose weight, strengthen your body but is also help you have an amazing sex. The different poses help you open up your chest and heart more, increase blood flow especially in the pubic area and improve your body's flexibility. Most importantly, the mindfulness yoga brings to your life translates to sex through enjoying every lovemaking moment you enjoy with the love of your life.

The downward facing dog

This is one of the most basic steps in yoga your palms and heels are flat on the floor with a downward bend. You make an inverted V shape and this posture is important in bettering your sex life because it teaches you to gaze inward. It also warms your body up making you live for the moment.

The bound angle

In this position, you are seated to your tailbone and the soles of your feet are together. Then your rest your hands on your ankles and bend forward. The inner thigh stretch is very good for the groin. It is also a good hip opener good for wider and better range of motion.

The bridge

Just like the bound angle, it is a good hip exercises. Releases tension on your hips and at the same time stretches the hip flexors. You can do this pose by lying on your back with hips wide apart and knees bent. Then, your head to your chin and push your hips up towards the ceiling as if your hips are aiming for the ceiling. Keep your hands interlaced below your butt or keep it flat on the mat.


This is also called as the dead pose where you are just simply lying on your back, separating your hands and feet about 45 degrees apart. Allow your body to rest and calm down after an intense workout. Then meditate on simply focusing on the present letting your mind and body relax with no negative thoughts allowed.